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Offer the opportunity to sell anything at your selected price through the Cashify franchise. Build your market branding using the Cashify franchise where you can attract a customer who wants to sell their product, materials, or anything they do not require anymore and can earn money. This is the finest platform to make money by selling useless or waste materials. So what are you waiting for? Apply for Cashify’s franchise now.

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How Does the Cashify Franchise Work?

Franchise Acquisition

If you are interested in supporting those who want to sell the waste materials that they do not require then the Cashify franchise is the best option for you. First, apply for their application form through their website.

Training and support

Once you get selected for the Cashify franchise, then the next step is training. Where franchisors will train you with the procedure and operation they follow so that you can also provide the same service that they provide to their customers.

Operation & implementation

Lastly, once you are trained and eligible to establish your own Cashify franchise brand then the other procedures will be followed such as space, devices, people, etc.

Why Become a Cashify Franchisor?

Established Brand - Cashify is a well-known brand in the electronics resale and recycling industry, providing instant recognition and trust among consumers.

Proven Business Model - As a franchisor, you benefit from a proven and successful business model developed by Cashify, reducing the risk associated with starting a new venture.

Market Demand - The growing demand for electronics resale and recycling presents a lucrative market opportunity, and Cashify's model aligns with the sustainability trend.

Comprehensive Support - Cashify offers extensive support to its franchisors, including training, marketing assistance, and ongoing operational guidance, ensuring a smoother business operation.

Technology Integration - Leveraging Cashify's technological advancements enhances the efficiency of your operations, providing a competitive edge in the market.

Diverse Revenue Streams - The Cashify franchise model allows for multiple revenue streams, including device resale, recycling, and associated services, maximizing profit potential.

How Does Cashify Franchsie Work?

Place an order

Customers will place an order for someone who wants to sell his/her materials that they do not require, so they can place an order for it.


Once the order is accepted by the buyer then the Cashify serviceman will go to pick up the material or product from the home or place where the product is placed.

Physical Inspection

While picking up the order our Cashify delivery man inspects the order whether the product is in good or the same condition as it is mentioned to the buyer.

Accept the order

Once the Cashify delivery boy is satisfied with the inspection then the order gets accepted for delivery to the buyer.


Taking all the precautions and ensuring the product delivery is safe. The payment proceeds when the shipping procedure is done carefully and the buyer receives the product on time.

Device Recycling

If there is any recycling required to make the product's procedure smooth and effortless, then our Cashify team offers you a recycling option where you can recycle the product.

One-plus Franchise
Cashify Franchise FAQ

Cashify is primarily known as an online platform that allows users to sell their used electronic devices. Franchise offerings may change, so it's recommended to check directly with Cashify or visit their official website for the most up-to-date information on franchise opportunities, if any.

The Cashify franchise costs between 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs but it depends on the location and the demand whether the Cashify services are available in the area or not. As per the demand cost gets changed.
Yes, the Cashify franchise is profitable as it is an e-commerce platform that sells over 1 lakh phones in a month from their buyers to sellers. It is a platform that offers them the security to sell products that they do not require.
Yes, most of the time Cashify pays immediately, but only in some cases are there where due to some reason the cashify took a bit of time to pay.
Yes, Cashify is the safest application or platform to sell any product that you want to sell someone. Cashify’s terms and conditions policy provides security to sell products with safety.
Yes, the Cashify platform allows one to sell their dead phone that can be recycled and used by someone who needs that.
Sure, Cashify is safe, and buying and selling phones is simple. Cashify is developing a physical location in the city in addition to an internet presence. The most startling feature is that, even after being deleted or having the factory settings reset, the phone's data is not completely removed.