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Established a decade ago in India, Franchise Tax Board (FTB) Logistics was born out of the recognition of the existing gaps and inefficiencies in nationwide and urban goods transportation. With a mission to provide a highly efficient transportation nerk, Franchise Tax Board (FTB) Logistics franchise caters to the demanding delivery requirements of both large enterprises and small businesses alike.

Croma Franchise
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How Does Croma Franchise Work?

Application Process

All interested candidates are instructed to go to their official website and fill out the application form. All the details that are required should be filled out so that the company can examine your application form.

Investment and Agreement

Once the candidate is selected by the croma’s franchise team then there will be further procedures followed such as investment and agreement.

Store Setup and Training

Before opening a store the croma’s team will provide training to the franchisee where all the marketing strategies and planning will be taught to the franchisee to run the store successfully.

Quick Applying For Croma Franchise

Online Application - If you want to become a partner of a croma store then check out their official website application form.

Information Submission - As per the details required in the application from full fill in all the details that are necessary and submit the registration form.

Initial Evaluation -All the submitted registration forms will be examined by the croma franchise team to select the eligible candidate.

Communication - Shortlisted candidates are contacted for further discussions and to provide additional details about the franchise opportunity.

Site Visit - Croma may conduct a site visit to assess the proposed location for the franchise.

Final Approval - Upon successful evaluation, the franchise application is approved, and the formal onboarding process begins.

Why Choose Croma Franchise?

Brand Reputation

Croma is a well-established and reputable electronics retail brand in India, offering franchisees the advantage of association with a trusted name.

Product Diversity

The franchise provides a wide range of consumer electronics and appliances, allowing franchisees to cater to diverse customer needs.

Operational Support

Croma extends operational support, including training programs, inventory management assistance, and guidance on maintaining Croma's service standards.

Marketing Assistance

Franchisees benefit from Croma's marketing initiatives, leveraging the brand's promotional efforts to attract customers to their stores.

Technology Integration

Being part of Croma allows franchisees to offer the latest in technological advancements, staying competitive in the dynamic electronics market.

Profitable Business Model

Croma's established business model, along with its market presence and support mechanisms, contributes to the potential for a profitable venture for franchisees.

One-plus Franchise
Croma Franchise FAQ

Croma franchise is a great opportunity that gives a new height to the dreams of one who is looking to establish their own mobile store near their location.

Interested individuals can apply online through the official Croma website or contact the franchise team directly.
The initial investment varies based on the franchise model and location. Detailed financial information is typically provided during the application process.
Croma offers assistance in the setup process, including guidance on store layout, design, and inventory management.
While prior experience is beneficial, Croma provides training programs to ensure that franchisees and their staff are well-equipped to operate the store.
Croma extends marketing support through brand campaigns and promotions to enhance the visibility of the franchise store.
Franchisees may be required to pay ongoing fees, which could include royalties and marketing fees. The details are typically outlined in the franchise agreement.