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Medplus is one of the best pharmaceutical brands that has a huge retail chain that provides all the medicine on time. The brand was established with the aim to provide medicine over time and help individuals. Become their partner and take the Medplus franchise which is open for those who are willing to help patients. So why are you waiting to enter the world of the Medplus franchise and become their partner? Apply now!

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How to Apply for a Medplus Franchise?


Contact Medplus through their official website or customer service to express your interest in franchising.


Submit required documents, including financial statements, business plans, and personal information, as part of the application process.


Await approval from Medplus after the evaluation of your application and successful completion of their criteria.

What are the Steps of the Medplus Franchise?

Application: Submit a detailed franchise application form to Medplus. To get their form visit their official website where all the details are mentioned.

Evaluation: Medplus reviews your application, considering factors like financial stability and business experience.

Location Approval: If your location meets Medplus criteria, you receive approval. Otherwise, the Medplus franchisor will provide or suggest the location.

Franchise Agreement: Sign the franchise agreement and fulfill any financial obligations that are required while taking a franchise.

Training: Participate in Medplus training programs to understand their business model and standards. So that after starting the work you do not have to face any problem.

Set up : Once the whole procedure is done then the setup will be done to start the work. Further, the franchise can start their work.

Benefits Of Tea Time Franchise

Established Brand

Benefit from Medplus's strong reputation and recognized brand in the pharmaceutical industry.

Comprehensive Support

Receive ongoing support, including training, marketing assistance, and operational guidance.

Wide Product Range

Access a diverse range of pharmaceuticals and healthcare products, attracting a broad customer base.

Proven Business Model

Follow a successful and proven franchise business model for increased chances of success.

Technology Integration

Utilize Medplus's technological tools for efficient inventory management and customer service.

Healthcare Industry Growth

Tap into the growing healthcare sector with a franchise that addresses essential needs.

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Medplus Franchise FAQ

MedPlus is a leading pharmacy retail chain in India, offering a wide range of pharmaceuticals, healthcare products, and wellness services. With a widespread presence across the country, MedPlus is committed to providing accessible and reliable healthcare solutions to customers.

The Medplus franchise's initial investments are between 17 to 20 lakhs. Where the franchise has to invest it before completing the procedure of franchise.

The franchise who have a branch of Med Plus franchise will earn 5 to 10 thousand per month with a monthly income of 70,000 to 250,000.

Yes, the pharmaceutical industry requires a good amount of experience in the industry. To become a senior, one has to be experienced and knowledgeable regarding medicine.

The Medplus franchise takes a few months to get done. As there are some procedures to follow to complete the franchise including application, approvals, documentation, training, and set up.

There are some ongoing fees associated with the ongoing fees such as royalty fees, marketing, advertising, and lease fees.