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Be a part of a much bigger and more established business network. Partner with the biggest mobile company in the world and become an authorized dealer for your region. Utilize the committed finance and start operations.

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High-quality Smartphones

As an exclusive Mi distributorship partner, embrace the brand equity that comes with its range of high-quality Smartphones at the best price guarantee. Committed to boosting our relationship with our partners, we make sure that the quality of each of our products and services is at an optimal level.

Sustainable Business

Get access to national advertising and continuous ongoing support. With an established reputation and image, proven management, and work practices, we intend on creating a sustainable business model that will showcase all Mi Mobile phones and Ecosystem products to Mi Fans and consumers.

Transparent Selection Process

Enjoy a higher rate of success. Partnering with our MI Franchise services ensures a safe and secure, transparent selection procedure that further helps in improving conversion rates generating employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for the youth, and creating a change in society.

Healthy ROI

Make a cost-effective business decision. Join hands with an established business brand. Find it easier to secure finance with our MI franchise. Go for the “Mi franchise apply” option at the drop-down menu and enjoy all of the above-stated benefits and much more. Expect a strong ROI and an expedited breakeven period. Obtain a robust return on investment t

About MI Dealership

With a withstanding reputation for providing the best mobile-related services, we strive to empower merchants by simplifying businesses. We work on the individual franchise model. Our extensive band coverage will enable you to grow your business to its fullest potential and make sizable profits. Take your business to the next level by making an investment in a great domain name as part of your branding strategy. Expand your business goals by taking up the MI Franchise in India. MI Distributionships have already gained access to a multifaceted model that works at all levels of– marketing, pricing, and branding. Get in the requisite investments and cash in on demand for MI products. deliver the latest technological advances from tier-1 cities to the smallest villages. We believe in uniting Mi Fans and Young Entrepreneurs with our business, establishing a solid bond. Mi is making inroads in the premium smartphone category and is enlarging its user base. Hence, it is more than just a profitable avenue for you to consider for the ‘MI Distribution apply’ option

MI Franchise Application Process

Are you ready to kickstart your own Mi Store? The Mi Store program offers an exciting opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs in rural India. As part of this program, you can establish your own business and become a brand ambassador in your local market. The process of applying for a Mi franchise is streamlined and efficient, ensuring that you can start your store quickly. The steps involved are:

Apply for MI Dealership Franchise Contract

Begin by filling out the 'mi dealership apply ' online form. It is crucial to provide accurate and truthful information, treating the application process with utmost confidentiality.

Application Review by the Mi Franchise Panel

Our dedicated team will review your application. If it appears to be a good fit, we will arrange the first round of telephonic interviews to further assess your suitability.

Telephonic Discussion with Mi Dealership

This includes information about the prospective location, your past experience in marketing services, and the approximate size of the store premises.

Visit for Mi Dealership or Store

To evaluate the suitability of the location and your profile as a potential Mi Store franchisee, our team will visit your place.

Finance Check for Mi Franchise

It is important to maintain transparency regarding financial matters and address any related queries.

Mi Franchise Agreement & Store Setup

We will provide assistance in setting up your store, including guidance on staffing, training, and adapting to the latest technological advancements in our mobile systems.
By following this streamlined process, you can easily establish your own Mi Store and embark on an exciting entrepreneurial journey as a brand ambassador for Mi products in your local market.

Mi Dealership' Investment in your Business

Each step involved in setting up an MI franchise to MI Franchise cost entails a systematic process, starting from filling out the MI Store franchise application form to receiving comprehensive training with the latest mobile applications. We prioritize adhering to a proper code of conduct and established procedures throughout the entire process. To ensure the success of our potential partners, we take the responsibility of covering the following costs:
  • Branding and Cladding Cost
  • Extensive Initial and Ongoing Training Programs
  • Written or Online Information on Store Operations
  • Bookkeeping and Back Office Support
  • Financial Summary Reports
  • Inventory Audits
  • Product Development and Merchandising Assistance
  • Ongoing Business Advisory Assistance
  • Staffing Assistance
  • By clicking at 'MI franchise apply' now, you can take control of your brand authority and embark on a rewarding journey as an MI franchise holder.

Mi Dealership Upfront Investments
By selecting mi franchise apply online method, you get to be your own boss. Decide the set horse of working and decided the payroll at which you want your employs to work. We have tried to highlight the cost of the total upfront investments that will look something like this:-
  • It will be necessary to make an upfront investment of 12–15 L, which will be made up of a security deposit of 2 L and 6–8 L each for civil, fixture, and stock investments.
  • After two years of operation, the retailer will receive their retail deposit back.
Work with a cost-effective business resolution. Expect a significant return on your investment. Stop waiting and apply right away!

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