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Mixue is a china based Ice-cream and tea-selling company. The company was established in 1997. It provides delectable and mouthwatering ice cream with different combinations of flavors to enhance its taste. The mixue is offering a chance to become a mixue franchise partner. So if you ever thought of establishing your own ice cream stall or shop then this is a great opportunity for you.

mixue franchise
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Enquiry Form

How You Can Apply for a Mixue Franchise?

Research and Qualifications

Start the procedure by visiting the official website of mixue to learn about their franchise requirements.

Application Submission

Once you are aware of the points that are required to become a mixue partner, complete the application form.

Interview and Evaluation

After submitting your form, the franchisor will evaluate the application form and discuss your plan to set up the branch.

How Does the Mixue Franchise Work?

Consultation via Phone/WhatsApp: Contact the Mixue franchise through phone or WhatsApp and learn about their franchise procedure and the steps that follow.

Registration Form Completion: When you are aware of the procedure or steps then complete the application form with all the accurate and original details.

Contact form Mixue Management for Evaluation: Once you complete the application then submit it with the maxue franchisor. Your application will be evaluated by them with each section.

Location Feasibility Survey (Upon Approval): After these processes, the location selection steps come where the franchisor and franchisee select the location as per the business requirements.

Set up & launch: Once all the steps are complete you can start selling the products and providing the service as you are now authorised.

Contract Signing with Mixue: At the point when all the steps are done then the contract sign procedure gets done with agreeing all the terms and conditions.

Benefits Of Mixue Franchise

Proven Business Model

Mixue franchise offers a time-tested business model, ensuring success through tested strategies and market demand.

Comprehensive Training Support

Franchisees receive thorough training, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed for successful operations.

High-Quality Products

Mixue maintains a reputation for delivering top-notch products, attracting loyal customers, and ensuring a competitive edge in the market.

Marketing and Advertising Assistance

Franchisees benefit from robust marketing support, including advertising campaigns and promotional materials to boost brand visibility and customer acquisition.

Operational Support

Ongoing operational guidance and assistance from the Mixue franchisor streamline business processes, enhancing efficiency and minimizing operational challenges.

Exclusive Territories

Franchisees enjoy exclusive rights to their designated territories, reducing competition and providing a more secure market presence for their Mixue business.

Mixue Franchise details
Mixue Franchise FAQ

Mixue is a highly recognized and well-known food and drink company based in China. The company was established in 1997.

To know about mixue franchise opening fees. So visit their official website or contact their franchise branch.

Mixue is a well-known food and drinking company that offers mouthwatering and delicious desserts like ice creams and soft drinks. The marketing strategies and other factors of mixue are strong that have made it successful.

The mixue has over 36,000 outlets in different locations.

Mixue's net profit surged 51% to INR 23.75 billion, with revenue up 46% to INR 230.5 billion. Gross profit margin stands at 30%.

No. franchise fees are not refundable. The one who is thinking of taking a franchise of any brand. Be aware of the rule that there is no refundable policy for franchise investment.