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No prior industry experience is necessary to open a RealMe Franchise. Scale the ranks of competition. Reach sustainability quicker. Explore more opportunities by selecting the ‘realme distributorship apply online’ option and move one step towards your dream store. Enjoy the latest and exclusive access to the successful Realme business through Realme franchise distributorship.

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How does Realme franchise work ?

Analyze The Market

Start your franchise journey by searching for the best opportunities.


Contact the brand that is highly suitable for your targeted audience. Contact them through their official email or contact number.

Evaluation and Agreement

After being chosen, discuss all the terms and conditions required and complete all the documentation required before opening your Realme Franchise.

Why Choose Realme Franchise and Dealership?

As a Oneplus franchise distributor, you'll gain exclusive access to the latest and most successful offerings. Enjoy the benefits of amazing deals on a wide range of products and services, including:

Avail the unparalleled opportunities for Oneplus Franchise - Oneplus has emerged as a shining star in the Indian smartphone market, capturing an impressive 45% market share. With its commitment to providing budget-friendly smartphones that boast compelling features, the brand has garnered immense popularity. As a result, owning a Oneplus store franchise in the present day is an exceptional opportunity, particularly for devoted Oneplus fans.

Exceptional Quality and Excellence - Oneplus Smartphones redefine the standards with their exceptional features and cutting-edge technology. These pocket-friendly devices offer a plethora of impressive specifications. Prepare to be captivated by their sleek designs and user-friendly features, as Oneplus continues to push the boundaries of excellence in the world of smartphones.

Fair and Open Evaluation - Our selection process is characterized by transparency, offering prospective clients a wide array of options to choose from. This commitment to transparency ensures that candidates have a comprehensive understanding of all the intricate details and specifications throughout the entire process. Join us now and become a trusted ally among our esteemed group of Oneplus partners.

Sustainable Business Expansion - With the OnePlus franchise, you can operate within a well-established business model that has already demonstrated its effectiveness. By adopting a proven method of operations, you can leverage a formula that has been successfully replicated in numerous locations. This approach minimizes the risk of business model failure, providing a solid foundation for your entrepreneurial journey.

Secure a healthy (ROI) - Benefit from exclusive perks such as a designated territory, advantageous group discounts on purchases, and prime locations for your franchise. Additionally, as a franchisee, you gain access to prime locations that would be challenging for independent newcomers to secure. These combined factors make owning a Oneplus service center franchise a highly lucrative and financially rewarding opportunity.

Consumer Trust and Continuous Innovation - Realme has gained consumer trust through quality products and excellent after-sales service, enhancing the franchise's credibility.Realme's commitment to innovation means franchisees can offer customers the latest and most advanced smartphones.

The procedure for Applying Realme franchise Online

Your path to owning a Oneplus Store begins when you submit your application, setting in motion the exciting opportunity to run your very own store in a relatively short time frame. Throughout this process, dedicated representatives from Oneplus will be readily available to address any inquiries, offer invaluable guidance, and support you every step of the way on your path to becoming a successful franchisee.

Opportunity for Realme Franchise

Realme has been one of the star performers in the Indian smartphone market, grabbing a market share of 45% in the Indian market. As a huge hit, the brand has been constantly focusing on offering budget smartphones that pack in all the essential and eye-catchy features. Hence, a realme store franchise in today’s time is a real deal and full of opportunities for Realme fans. Realme always makes high-quality smartphones.

High-quality Smartphones

With incredible specifications like triple and quad-camera setups, wireless charging, and dual-tone display, Realme is the perfect pocket-friendly Smartphone with high-quality features. The brand has some impressive mid-range and premium models that offer an immersive visual experience. Receive high-design aesthetics with user-friendly features that exceed customer expectations. Realme High quality Smartphones.

Transparent Selection Process

We provide avenues of various options for prospective clients to choose from. Such transparency in the selection process ensures that the candidate can understand minute details and specifications till the end. Moreover, it helps in building a foundation for a great rapport between the prospective franchise owners and the Realme company as a brand. Become a trusted ally of the Realme group of partners now!.

Sustainable Business

Get quick access to the knowledge needed for a business's success. Work on a well-established business model with a proven method of operations. Realme franchise comes with a sound business model which gives access to a proven, successful formula that is simply being cloned into a new location. This also reduces the risk of business model failure situations.

Healthy ROI

Obtain a greater profit assurance with the realme store franchise. Receive a defined territory, group discounts on purchases, and access to prime locations. Supply costs are reduced by group buying, and franchisors have access to prime locations that independent newcomers could only hope for. All these aspects make it more profitable to buy a Realme service center franchise.

Telephonic Discussion

Exploring expansion strategies, focusing on prime locations and demographic analysis. Discussing marketing tactics, leveraging digital platforms for brand visibility. Aligning inventory management for optimal stock levels. Emphasizing customer service excellence to foster brand loyalty.

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Realme Franchise FAQ's

Dive into the world of Realme, get all types of mobile ranges, and enjoy the world of the digital era.

Once your form gets selected by Realme you will be asked for a telephonic interview to learn more about yourself. However, completing all the steps there will be a documentation process. And you’ll become a Realme distributor.
The one who wants to become a Realme distributor then be aware that Realme holds 3% of the profit margin. As the company has just entered the Indian market.
It has been seen that Realme offers a very low margin with its distributors against other companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, etc. Realme shares only a 4% margin whereas Xiaomi 5-6%, and Samsung 5-11%.
Recently, it has been announced by Realme that Sky Li is the new CEO of the company after the resignation of Sheth.
Yes, realme is a China-based company that was established on May 4, 2018.
Yes, realme is a China-based private limited company that was established in 2018.
Realme’s headquarters in India is based in Gurgaon. Where the one can go with any query that they are facing in their Realme phone.
Realme is famous for its competitive pricing. Realme is an affordable mobile phone with all the advanced features.