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Roadex franchise

The Roadex Franchise was established in India 10 years ago with the mission to make the carrier service easier and more effortless. The company provides a solution to transport things from one place to another place without any bother. Roadex is openly offering franchise services to make the exportation more easy and time-saving.

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How does Roadex franchise work?


Roadex offers its franchise through investment. There is a certain amount one has to invest before becoming a Roadex partner.


Be ready with your vehicles, it is important to have your own vehicle while connecting with Roadex.


complete all the terms and conditions, and Now you are the franchise partner of Roadex.

Application Process of owning a RoadEx Franchise

Start Your Journey to Owning a RoadEx Franchise

Embark on the exciting path towards owning your own RoadEx delivery Franchise. The application process is your first step towards becoming a successful franchisee. Our comprehensive training program ensures a seamless and efficient startup, with dedicated representatives from RoadEx courier ready to support you every step of the way.

RoadEx Franchise Apply Online - Take the first step towards owning a roadex logistics dealership by completing our convenient online application form. We value your commitment to honesty and look forward to providing you with our exceptional services.

Store Visit and Evaluation - To ensure the suitability of the location and partnership for a RoadEx warehouse franchise, our team will conduct an in-store visit. We will provide a green signal if the location meets all the necessary requirements for opening a RoadEx franchise

Application Review - Once you submit your online application, our panel will carefully review your submission. If you meet our criteria, we will proceed with the first round of telephonic interviews.

Financial Assessment - Once selected, our Finance team will provide clearance or offer financial support as needed. Your financial stability is crucial to the success of your RoadEx franchise.

Telephonic Discussion - During the telephonic discussion, we will delve deeper into your store-related information. This includes discussing potential locations, your past experience in marketing services, and the estimated land area for the store.

Agreement and Store Setup - Our roadex logistics franchise cost and arrangements ensure that we are invested in your success. Together, we will build a thriving RoadEx courier franchise store in your chosen location.

Why Choose Roadex Franchise?

Seamless RoadEx Delivery Solutions

Roadex delivery solutions and transportation services are geared towards providing a seamless and reliable delivery experience for our customers. We handle the entire logistics process, from coordinating pickups to managing deliveries, ensuring that your goods reach their destination in a timely manner.

Exceptional 24/7 Customer Support

Our unwavering commitment lies in providing the best-in-class customer support, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our dedicated team is here to assist you promptly and efficiently.

Brand-specific Labeling

With our innovative Smart Labels, you can effortlessly create professional shipping labels tailored to your brand. Customize them to reflect your unique design and ensure a seamless shipping experience.

Easy Billing Solutions

Experience the convenience of automated billing accounts powered by cutting-edge technology. Our advanced system minimizes administrative costs and ensures accurate billing.

Secure Payment Options

We provide a range of payment options, including Prepaid, Cash on Delivery (COD), Online payment mode catering to your specific preferences.

Flexibility in Business Models

If Roadex offers flexibility in its business models, allowing franchisees to choose a model that suits their preferences and market conditions, it can be an attractive feature.

One-plus Franchise
Roadex Franchise FAQ's

Travel lovers enjoy the traveling journey by becoming a partner of Roadex which offers you the opportunity to export and import things from one place to another place.

The Roadex franchise is about where anyone who wants to be the owner of their own transportation company can choose Roadex. Roadex asks for three things, first, invest a certain amount. Second use your own vehicles, and third complete all the documentation and be your own owner.
A warehouse is a place where large companies keep their products for a long time. Then use them when it's required or transport them.
The average profit margin of the transport business in India is 10-20%
Yes, in most cases, the franchise business is a great option for those who want to be entrepreneurs. It gives an opportunity to create a relationship with a targeted audience. It gives a base to establish your own business.
The owner of Roadex is Mr. Subarato Mukherjee. The Roadex company was established years ago with the vision to make the transportation service easier and more affordable.
There are different packages that have been provided by the Roadex brand to their franchise partners. To know more about their franchise package, check out their official website.