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Do you love making tea? Tea is one of the most consumed beverages in India which gets loved by almost the whole of India. Tea Time, a well-known and recognized franchise business, is giving you the chance to establish your own tea business with their help. So why are you waiting yet, Apply for Tea Time Franchise now and become their business partner.

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How You Can Apply for a Tea Time Franchise?

Visit official website

To get a Tea Time franchise visit their official website where you will find the registration form to become a Tea Time franchisor.

Submit you application

After registration, there will be some terms and conditions mentioned regarding documents required for the franchise. Complete the application form for the Tea Time franchise.


Once you get selected then there will be documentation done between both of the parties. There will be an agreement signed where each and every detail will be mentioned.

Procedure to Applying for a Franchise Tax Board CA

Registration: Visit Tea Time's official website where you can register by entering all the details that are required.

Submit you application: There is an application form mentioned on the Tea Time website that fulfills the form with all the documents and details that are required.

Marketing Strategies: The individual will get marketing strategies working with tea time franchises where to get the customers.

Board: Investment: As per your application form, you will be evaluated and examined. If you get selected then the rest of the procedure gets followed.

Agreement: Once the selection is done there will be all the required documentation that the rest procedure will follow where both the parties will have signed the agreement by agreeing with all the terms and conditions.

Training: The team time franchise will provide training to operate the branch. Where the one required some staff whom they will train in their training.

Benefits Of Tea Time Franchise


The tea time franchisor will provide you with the outlet name board & lollipop board.


To enhance the branding you have to use tea time interior Menu Board, Photo Frames, Foam Board, Eco Solvent Vinyl Etc.

Kitchen Materials and products

All the materials that are required in the kitchen will be provided by us Fridge, Deep Freezer, High Pressure Stove, Induction Stove, and all the Equipment & Initial Stock will be provided by us.

Less investment

The one will not be required to invest some high amount to get our franchise. They can get it with less and small investment.

High profit margin

The Tea Time franchise offers a high-profit margin rate where the individuals will get high profits with less investment.

Tea Time Franchise

Tea Time is providing you the opportunity to by giving you the chance to establish your own tea store. You can manage their customers in your location with their names.

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Tea Time Franchise

Tea Time is providing you the opportunity to by giving you the chance to establish your own tea store. You can manage their customers in your location with their names.

Yes, the Tea Time franchise is profitable where the one who is interested in the business can get their franchise at less investment with a high amount of franchise.

To contact tea time franchisors visit their official website and connect with them with the number or option provided over the website.

The profit margin rate of Tea Time is between 40 to 80% over a 5 to 10-month franchise.

Yes, tea is the most popular beverage in India that gets drunk/ taken by the whole of India. Considering the point we can say, that establishing the tea business is the best setup in India.

The minimum investment required for the individual to get a tea time franchise is between 2 lakhs to 5 lakhs. If you are looking to get their franchise then prepare all your documents as per the requirements to get the franchise done.

The tea time business holds over 3500+ outlets in India. With the calculation of all the profits, the average tea time turnover is 35 cr.