Introducing the Wow Momo franchise

Wow Momo is a popular Indian momo brand that serves a wide range of momos, dumplings, and delicacies. This brand has experimented with momos in different ways, and now everyone knows about this brand. With its popularity in India, this brand has opened more than 300 stores in 30 other cities. It has been estimated that over 5300 employees are working right now with this brand.
Wow, Momo's headquarters is in Kolkata, where it started in 2008. This brand was created with an initial investment of Rs. 30,000 by two people. And now, it is a big brand because of the hygiene it maintains while serving premium quality momos, dumplings, momo-filled burgers, and quirky desserts.
If you are always fascinated by doing something unique with food that gives a soothing feel to someone's taste buds, then you can get started with the franchise of this brand.
Businesses looking for profitable franchise business models can make a good monthly income with the wow momo franchise. The process of the Wow Momo Franchise apply process is comprehensively discussed on this page.
The time comes to the mind of every person who aspires to get this franchise. What is the wow momo franchise price?

What is the Worth of Wow Momo?

The worth of Wow Momo is estimated at 2,000 Crore. This brand has set an example of growing so fast. It made street food accessible with utmost hygiene at nominal prices and became successful.

Initially, Wow Momo outlet earned 60,000 Rupees in the first month and now stands at 450 Crores Profit.

What is the USP of Wow Momo?

Wow, Momo aims to make hygienic street food accessible. In the current time when takeaway is a new normal, Wow Momo is serving quality to everyone.

What are the requirements of the Wow Momo Franchise?

Following are the requirements to open a Wow Momo Franchise every person must fulfill who wants to buy:


One must have 200 to 250 Square feet of space to start operating a Wow Momo franchise store. If you are also looking for the same, then the minimum requirement of the area must be fulfilled. If you are looking for a well-established and large scale, the requirements increase.


The Wow Momo team certainly determines educational and monetary qualifications. So one should be aware of them after connecting with the team.


There is a minimum investment determined to open a Wow Momo store. The minimum wow momo franchise cost is estimated at eight lakhs and goes up to twenty lakhs. The investment value may change from time to time, so this is just a lump sum amount. To clarify the amount, coordinate on the Wow Momo franchise contact number.


Certain documentation must be done when making a contract with the wow momo franchise team. Complete your franchise process and enjoy the entrepreneurship journey.


Wow Momo team will analyze whether your area can still be covered under the registration or not.

Minimum staff

There is a minimum staff requirement to start operations on your Wow Momo store. There may be 3 to 5 staff members to create the processes in the store.

Other fundamentals

There are certain other fundamentals like profit sharing and other important aspects that must be considered while maintaining the contract. Discuss with the team to be clear about all essentials in advance.

What is the wow momo franchise cost?

Wow, the Momo franchise cost stands at 8 lakhs to 20 lakhs. To get more idea of the wow momo franchise, apply and cost contact the below-mentioned numbers

How to make a wow Momo franchise inquiry online?

To do wow momo franchise inquiry online one needs to coordinate with the team on the below-mentioned contact information:

  • Address 29A/2E/1, Raja Subodh Chandra Mallik Road, Jadavpur, Kolkata
  • Wow Momo Contact Number 098307 44776
  • Whatsaap Number +91 98755 31137
  • Email
  • Facebook Page -WowMomos
  • Official Website -
  • Contact On LinkedIn Wow Momos Official Page
  • Instagram Page WowMomos

What are the required skills to start the wow momo franchise?

  • Passion for business
  • Good financial management
  • The ability to invest the required capital

What is the wow momo franchise profit margin?

There is a 14.44 percent Wow Momo franchise profit margin on the total sales of every month. One may earn from 85,000 to 95,000 per month.

How to apply for the Wow Momo franchise?

Come online and discuss the details to apply for the wow momo franchise. You can also buy the Wow Momo franchise from us directly.

Drop a line to us today and let us know the right time to connect with you!